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How to change one directory to another directory?

[root@localhost redhat]# cd folder1
[root@localhost folder1]#

How to create a new file?

[root@localhost folder1]# cat>ams
[root@localhost folder1]#

How to go to the previous directory?

[root@localhost folder1]# cd ..
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to create a directory?

[root@localhost redhat]# mkdir linux1
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to create multiple directories?

[root@localhost redhat]# mkdir linux2, linux3, raju1
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to create a navigation directory?

[root@localhost redhat]# mkdir -p world/asian/india/ap/ts/hyd
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to visit the directory with the directory?

[root@localhost redhat]# tree world
└── asian
    └── india
        └── ap
            └── ts
                └── hyd

5 directories, 0 files
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to go to the India directory?

[root@localhost redhat]# cd world/asian/india/
[root@localhost india]#

How to go to the present directory?

[root@localhost india]# cd ..
[root@localhost asian]# cd ../..
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to delete a file from the directory?

[root@localhost redhat]# rm -i ravi
rm: remove regular empty file 'ravi'? y
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to remove a file directly?

[root@localhost redhat]# rm -f rj1
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to delete the directories?

[root@localhost redhat]# rm -ri raju1
rm: remove directory 'raju1'? y
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to create a copy command?


cp [option] <source> <target>here <source> is a sourcing file <target> is a destination file

[root@localhost redhat]# cp -i myfile dba
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to copy a file from the location?

[root@localhost redhat]# cp -i myfile world/Asian/india/ap/ts/hyd 
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to create a specific file?

[root@localhost redhat]# cp -i movie /home/redhat/world/asian/india/ap/ts/hyd
[root@localhost redhat]#

What is path?

A path is a unique location to a file or a folder in a filysystem of an OS. A path to a file is a combination of / and alphanumeric characters.

Paths are two types:

Absolute path:

An absolute path is difined as specifying the location of a file or a directory from the root (/) directory. 

In other words, we can say the absolute path is a complete path from start of the actual filesystem from / directory

Relative path:

It is defined as a path of the present working directory

How to move one file or directory from one place to another place?

[root@localhost redhat]# mv file1 file2
[root@localhost redhat]#

How to modify the time stamp?

[root@localhost redhat]# touch myfile
[root@localhost redhat]# ls -l myfile
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 150 Aug 10 00:36 myfile
[root@localhost redhat]#

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