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Kubernetes Architecture

by Editorial Staff

What is Kubernetes:

  • KBS is an Open-Source container orchestration system.
  • Automated application deployment, scaling and management. (We won’t be informed if the container goes down in docker).
  • Why to use K8S:
    1. Can’t live with single server deployment
    2. Inter host communication of containers
    3. Deploying and updating software at scale
    4. Auto-Healing
    5. Logging and Monitoring. (in docker we are stuck to a single system)

Kubernetes Architecture:

Containers are great at accomplishing things like:

  • Software Portability-Running software consistently on different machines.
  • Isolation-Keeping individual pieces of software separate from one another.
  • Scaling-Increasing or decreasing resources allocated to software as needed.
  • Automation-Automating processes to save time and money.
  • Efficient Resource Usage-Containers use resources efficiently, which saves money

Advantages of Containers:

These are a few of the main advantages of containers:

  • The isolation and portability of VMs.
  • More lightweight than VM-Less resource usage.
  • Faster than VM-Containers can start up in second not minute.

To create a container docker needs an Image

Since they don’t have full blown OS:

  1. Cpu and other resources are allocated to application rather than os
  2. This reduces the overhead of OS patching
  3. Savings on Cost as containers don’t have OS’s (license cost)

Why Containers ?

  • Containers are a powerful tool! They have had a tremendous impact on how the industry does IT. They can help you to
  • Move Faster
  • Automate More
  • Increase Reliability
  • For Less Money

What are containers used for ?

Image is a package or a template just like a VM template.it is used to create one or more containers.

Containers are running instances of images that are isolated and have their own environments and set processes.

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