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Kubernetes Architecture

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So what are Containers ?

Before going to containers, lets understand VM’s and history:

  • create the new image

  • Docker Commit: Creates an image from a container.
  •  Docker Export: Creates a tar file from a container.
  • Docker import: Creates a image from a tar file.

Docker Network:

  • Till now we have seen docker is getting ip addresses right, from where is it getting ip address??
  • Docker’s networking subsystem is pluggable. ie., it is like a plugin we will not be implementing as part of the
  • Containerd
  • Shrim
  • Runc


  • Listem for Docker Engine API Requests


  • Introduced in Docker 1.11
  • Responsibility of managing container life cycle
  • Containerd is the executor for containers
  • Executing containers by calling RUNC with the right parameters to run containers.


  • Container used runc to do all the linux work by interacting with the kernel
  • By interacting with the kernel, it creates the container process and another process called as containerd-shim
  • Once the container starts, the runc get exists


  • It allows you to run daemon less containers
  • When the container process dies, containerd-shim will inform the status to containerd and exists

Docker Images:

  • A Docker Image is a file, used to execute code in a container.
  • It’s a Read only Template.
    1. The containers are not so self-sufficient to host the application, and to work on a highly scalable application, so that’s the reason people started looking toward an options like orchestration tool (Ex: Kubernetes)

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